Paragon DJ Service Event Planner Request Form


Company/Person's name on contract:
Email Address:
Event Date:
Person to receive consultation call from DJ:
Best time of day or night for consultation call:
This person's phone number(s) during week of this event:
DJ's contact person at your reception:
Number of guests:
Age ranges:


DJ's style of presentation (please check ONLY ONE):

Low Key (Just play music with no emceeing)
Medium Participation (Play music, make announcements and introductions, take song requests)
High Participation (Play music, name announcements/introductions, take song requests, encourage/motivate
guests to get up and dance

Please indicate what percentages of each type of music you would like played:

% Top 40 % Slow Dances % R & B % Classic Rock
% 80's/90's Dance % Alternative Rock % Rap % Swing
% Oldies % Disco % Country % Party Mixers (see below)

Your 10 "Must-Have" specific* song requests –– we guaranteed these 10: (Please specify artist and title.)

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
9. 10.

Artists/Songs to be avoided:

1. 2.
3. 4.

Party Mixers (Please check those you would like played):

Hokey Pokey

Your preference with regard to song requests/percentages (please check ONLY ONE):

I want the DJ to stick to my requests and perecentages, even if guests are not responsive.
I want the DJ to depart from my requests or percentages, if guests are not responsive.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose not to fill out any part of this form, we will assume that you have no preference, and the DJ will use his own discretion.

*Paragon Music & Entertainment, Ltd. cannot guarantee the availability of any requested song if the title and artist are not stated accurately and completely on this form.

Thank you for submitting your form. Please be sure to save and/or print a copy for your records.