Paragon’s standard equipment creates crystal clear digital sound.  It includes:  
1450-watt QSC or Crown Power Amp
1000-watt EV or JBL Speakers
Gemini Mixing Board
Denon, Numark or American Audio Dual CD player
Cortex Hard Drive Controller or iPod
BBE Sonic Sound Processor/Maximizer
Audio Technica or Shure wireless microphone

Neat & Attractive
Paragon's DJ set-ups are always visually appealing, with attractive equipment neatly arranged, and with no advertising signs or banners.  

EASY ADVANCE PLANNING We provide a helpful Event Planner form (Wedding Receptions or Special Events) to organize your event.
Your Paragon DJ will contact you prior to your event, with your completed Planner in hand, todiscuss all aspects of your event entertainment.    

Your Paragon DJ will remain attentive to your wishes throughout your event. Paragon's DJs are experts at maintaining entertainment volume at appropriate and enjoyable levels. However, if at any time during your event you wish to have the volume adjusted, your Paragon DJ cheerfully do so as you request